Anna Filippova, GitHub

The role of identity and social norms in building sustainable online communities and successful remote teams

Anna Filippova

Brief Abstract: This keynote will highlight recent advancements across social psychology, organizational behavior and computer science research on building successful distributed working groups, and ground this body of work in practical advice for practitioners. Specifically, the keynote will cover the importance of well-defined social norms and collective identity in building healthy teams, as well as concrete approaches and factors that can affect implementation of these building blocks. Practical applications will be grounded in lessons from two similar but distinct environments: 1) open source software communities and 2) a distributed and remote-first workplace at GitHub.

Bio: Anna is currently a Senior Manager in GitHub’s Data Science group, and leads a team focused on scaling data driven insights. Prior to this, she was a Senior Data Scientist working to understand and improve distributed collaboration, as well trace the evolution of the Open Source community. She has a PhD in Communications from the National University of Singapore, and has published research on how to measure and improve collaboration in distributed engineering teams, team and organization conflict, open source software health, and team processes that support inclusive discussion in diverse teams. Her work has appeared in ICSE, CSCW, Computers in Human Behavior, ICA among others. Anna was on the core organizing committee of the Abstractions software engineering conference, as well as RedDot Ruby and the Singapore Ruby Meetup.