8 September

Conference opening (08:30 – 10:30 Tartu (Estonia) / EEST, UTC+3) – Chair: Alexander Nolte

  • Welcoming address
  • Keynote by Anna Filippova on The role of identity and social norms in building sustainable online communities and successful remote teams.

Session 1 – Humans and Technology (15:00 – 17:30 Tartu (Estonia) / EEST, UTC+3) – Chair: Hideyuki Takada

  • Effect of Cultural Misunderstanding Warning in MT-Mediated Communication. Mondheera Pituxcoosuvarn, Yohei Murakami, Donghui Lin and Toru Ishida
  • Image-Based Detection Criteria for Cultural Differences in Translation. Ikkyu Nishimura, Yohei Murakami and Mondheera Pituxcoosuvarn
  • Augmenting the Human-Robot Communication Channel in Shared Task Environments. Alexander Arntz, Sabrina C. Eimler and H. Ulrich Hoppe
  • Parents’ Reflection with a Digital Family Calendar: A Case of Using Scrapbook Calendars in Japanese Families. Akihiro Maehigashi and Sumaru Niida (short paper)
  • Travel Plan Recommendation Based on Review Analysis and Preference Diagnosis. Satoshi Ichimura (short paper)

9 September

Session 2 – Learning (15:00 – 17:30 Tartu (Estonia) / EEST, UTC+3) – Chair: Reiko Hishiyama

  • Learning music and math, together as one: Towards a collaborative approach for practicing math skills with music. Eric Roldán-Roa, Érika Roldán-Roa and Irene-Angelica Chounta
  • Developing and Evaluating a Hackathon Approach to Foster Security Learning. Abasi-Amefon Obot Affia, Raimundas Matulevicius and Alexander Nolte
  • Creating Dialogue Between a Tutee Agent and a Tutor in a Lecture Video Improves Students’ Attention. Ari Nugraha, Izhar Almizan Wahono, Jianpeng Zhanghe, Tomoyuki Harada and Tomoo Inoue
  • Challenges for distance learning and online collaboration in the time of COVID-19: Interviews with science teachers. Meeli Rannastu-Avalos and Leo Aleksander Siiman
  • Quantifying Collaboration Quality in Face-to-Face Classroom Settings Using MMLA. Pankaj Chejara, Luis P. Prieto, Adolfo Ruiz Calleja, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Reet Kasepalu and Shashi Kant Shankar (short paper)

10 September

Session 3 – Together and remote (15:00 – 17:30 Tartu (Estonia) / EEST, UTC+3) – Chair: Benjamin Weyers

  • Time-position characterization of conflicts: a case study of collaborative editing. Le H. Nguyen and Claudia L. Ignat
  • What do we know about hackathon outcomes and how to support them? – A systematic literature review. Maria Angelica Medina Angarita and Alexander Nolte
  • Preliminary Utility Study of a Short Video as a Daily Report in Teleworking. Zhen He, Xinwei Dai, Toshihiko Yamakami and Tomoo Inoue
  • Showing-Displays-Together: A Co-located Web Search Support Exploiting the Terminal Orientation. Naoki Furuie, Tomoki Yabuuchi, Takatsugu Yamamoto and Hideyuki Takada (short paper)
  • Four Approaches to Developing Autonomous Facilitator Agent for Online and Face-to-face Public Debate. Shun Shiramatsu, Ko Kitagawa, Shota Naito, Hiroaki Koura and Chao Cai (short paper)

11 September

Poster session (14:00 – 15:30 Tartu (Estonia) / EEST, UTC+3) – Chair: Claudio Alvarez

  • Process-Oriented Collaboration to Identify Socio-Technical Measures for Construction Site Safety. Markus Jelonek and Thomas Herrmann (pdf)
  • The Relationship between Photograph Subject and “Like!” Acquisition in Instagram. Kayako Morimoto and Yoshinori Hijikata (pdf)
  • Tele-Clinical Examination via Possession Telepresence System on AR-HMD. Keito Kamimura, Yuki Fujita, Tomofumi Miura, Yoshihisa Matsumoto, Yuka Maeda and Keiichi Zempo (pdf)
  • Investigating Design Requirements an IoT System for Smart Learning Environments. Hamza Ouhaichi and Daniel Spikol (pdf)
  • Preliminary Investigation of the Creative process of collaborative writing. Wang Ziyu and Takaya Yuizono (pdf)

Conference closing (15:30 – 16:30 Tartu (Estonia) / EEST, UTC+3) – Chair: Irene-Angelica Chounta

  • Best paper award
  • Closing address