Doctoral Consortium Call for Papers

The CollabTech 2020 Doctoral Consortium aims to support and inspire PhD students during their ongoing research efforts on topics related to collaborative technologies. The Doctoral Consortium will provide PhD students with the opportunity to present, discuss, and receive feedback on their research in the context of a well-known and established interdisciplinary and international conference (i.e., outside of their usual local research environment). Prominent professors, researchers and peer doctoral students in the field of collaborative technologies will reflect on the selected papers and engage in scientific dialogue with the PhD students.

The Doctoral Consortium itself will be a half-day event with two sessions. The first session aims at giving students the chance to present their work to others and get familiar with the work of other PhD students in their area. Each PhD student will give a brief presentation (about 10-15 minutes) about his/her work, with focus on the research problem statement and current and future plans. The second session aims at giving students feedback from peers and experts in their area, and let them discuss the student’s work as well. 

Topics of interest include the same topics listed in the CollabTech 2020 call for papers.

Submission and Publication of Papers

Authors are required to follow the CollabTech 2020 important dates (i.e., submission by June 10, 2020, 23:59 AoE) and adhere to the CollabTech 2020 formatting guidelines when preparing their papers (except for the blinding of authors; DC submissions will be single-blind), and submit their papers through this Google Form (requires a Google account)

Additionally, at the same time as the paper is submitted via the conference system, an email from the main supervisor must be sent to the Doctoral Consortium Program Chairs to confirm that he/she supports this submission. For information regarding the Doctoral Consortium, please contact Luis Pablo Prieto Santos  ( or María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana  (

A maximum 7-page (in LNCS format, including references) submission to the Doctoral Consortium should:

  1. Provide a title of the PhD Research (e.g., the current/tentative title of your dissertation)
  2. The name of the PhD Student (as only author) and the student’s affiliation (i.e., university or institution where the PhD is being done).  PhD Advisor(s) names should be clearly displayed in the text body, before the first (e.g., Introduction) section.
  3. Provide a motivation for the research, explaining what the problem in the respective field is, and why it is a problem that addresses a significant research challenge in the field,
  4. Clearly formulate the dissertation’s main research question(s),
  5. Sketch the proposed research methodology being used to answer the research questions,
  6. Describe the proposed or expected solutions/contributions of the applicant to the research area, and describe how the research is innovative, novel or extends existing approaches to a problem.
  7. Appropriately acknowledge the possible contribution of non-student advisors or collaborators, if applicable.

Submissions will be accepted for presentation in the Doctoral Consortium on the basis of their originality, significance, correctness, and clarity. Submissions not following these guidelines may suffer direct desk rejection.

Applicants to the Doctoral Consortium should have progressed to the point where a clear plan of investigation has been laid out.

Accepted papers will be published online in a separate volume of the open CEUR-WS proceedings repository.